The ongoing podcast for West Virginia Writers, Inc., the Mountain State's largest organization dedicated to writers. Hosted by Eric Fritzius, from atop a hill in Greenbrier County, each podcast will feature information about WV Writers related events as well as readings and interviews with the writers of West Virginia and Appalachia.

This podcast features music by Pops Walker.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Episode 11: Memories of Conferences More Recent

Episode 11, in which we speak once again to writer/editor Rhonda Browning White, this time about our memories of THIS year's conference from two weeks back.

If you were unable to attend, this will give you some highlights.

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West Virginia Writers Podcast Episode 11

Links mentioned in Podcast:
Rhonda Browning White
Inspiration for Writers
Book Cents Literary Agency
Sourcebooks, Inc.
M is for Monster

Monday, June 22, 2009

Shenandoah Valley Acoustic Roots Festival and Songwriting Contest

(The WVW Podcast will return soon... but first a word from our sponsor... The following news courtesy of the creator of the music used in our program, Mr. Pops Walker)

Performing Arts of Luray is hosting the first - Shenandoah Valley Acoustic Roots Festival and Songwriting Contest.

They’re looking for great acoustic roots songs. Think blues, think country, think folk, or think bluegrass. BUT, think ACOUSTIC ROOTS.

Entrants will submit CD recordings of their original songs via the US Postal Service.

Preliminary judging will occur January – August 2009.

The top ten finalists will perform “live” on October 3, 2009 at the BB&T Performing Arts Center in Luray, Virginia.

1st prize is $500, a guaranteed future booking and six hours of studio time.

2d prize is $300, and a guaranteed future booking.

3d prize is $200.

Complete details can be found at: -- or at

Friday, June 12, 2009

Episode 10: Kirk Judd

Episode 10, in which we speak with poet and WV Writers Charter Member, Kirk Judd. We discuss the early origins of WV Writers as an organization, Kirk's recent work with the West Virginia Words and Music program at the Clay Center in Charleston and Kirk's co-creation of the Allegheny Echoes Workshops.

Allegheny Echoes is celebrating its 13th year in 2009 and will run June 21- 27, in Marlinton, West Virginia

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West Virginia Writers Podcast Episode 10

Links mentioned in Podcast:
West Virginia Words and Music program
Allegheny Echoes
Wild, Sweet Notes: 50 Years of West Virginia Poetry 1950–1999

Monday, June 8, 2009

Episode 9: Keith Pitzer

UPDATE: Due to some emergent events in the Pitzer's daily life, they have been forced to bow out for this year. But they have referred us to a fine replacement for our Saturday night entertainment in the form of Ron Sowell. Check out our blog for the details.)

Episode 9, the first of our two, count `em, TWO work-week bookending podcasts we're releasing this week. In this episode we talk to Keith Pitzer of the singing duo Keith & Joan Pitzer.

Keith is not only leading a workshop on songwriting at the conference this year, he and Joan are returning to the Saturday night entertainment stage. Attendees last year remember them for their amazing concert with our podcast's music provider, Pops Walker.

We talk to Keith about the craft of songwriting, his history in music, his influences and we hear a couple of Pitzer tunes as well.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Episode 8: William Bitner & Daniel Boyd: Tag Team Interview

Episode 8, in which we speak with William Bitner and Daniel Boyd, authors, film-makers, educators, professional wrestlers, and creators of the WV-set pulp-style illustrated novel Death Falcon Zero Vs. the Zombie Slug Lords.

We talk to them about how they became the wrestlers Death Falcon Zero and Professor Danger and how that ultimately led to their book starring their in-ring alter-egos.

Both William Bitner and Daniel Boyd will be leading workshops at next week's WV Writers Summer Conference, June 12-14, 2009, Cedar Lakes Conference Center, Ripley, WV.

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West Virginia Writers Podcast Episode 8

Links mentioned in Podcast:
Death Falcon Zero Vs. the Zombie Slug Lords
Grapes of Wrath
Paradise Film Institute
Daniel Boyd
Ghosts of Green Bottom documentary
Red Salt & Reynolds documentary
The Bros. Fraim