The ongoing podcast for West Virginia Writers, Inc., the Mountain State's largest organization dedicated to writers. Hosted by Eric Fritzius, from atop a hill in Greenbrier County, each podcast will feature information about WV Writers related events as well as readings and interviews with the writers of West Virginia and Appalachia.

This podcast features music by Pops Walker.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Episode 17: Literary Tea "Gothic Bedtime Stories" Recorded Live Reading

Episode 17 of the WVW Podcast in which we air the second of our patented recorded live readings. (Q: "But if it's recorded, how can it be live?" A: "Mind your own Ps and Qs.")

This recorded live reading comes from a session of the Greenbrier Valley Theatre's October Literary Tea series, from 2007 and features the story "Faux Fangs" from Beverly Pauley's collection Gothic Bedtime Stories. This story is the first appearance of Bev's reoccurring character, elderly West Virginia vampire Rutherford Zucks.

The Literary Tea series for 2009 will run October 1, 8, 15, 22 with a special Kids Tea on October 29 and a community poetry Tea on November 5. These take place at 5:30 p at the Greenbrier Valley Theatre in downtown Lewisburg.

If you're a member or extended friend of WV Writers, Inc. we invite you to submit your own live readings to

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West Virginia Writers Podcast Episode 17

Links mentioned in Podcast:
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Greenbrier Valley Theatre
West Virginia Book Festival
"Putting Flesh on the Bones" Book Fest Workshop
Book Festival Workshop Schedule

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bonus Show 2

Welcome to the second bonus show of the WVW Podcast, continuing to serve as a no-frills, bi-weekly clearing house for quality interview trimmings we were unable to fit into previous episodes.

This week we play a couple of conversational clips trimmed from last week's Shirley Young Campbell tribute episode, featuring Dolly Withrow and Barbara Smith. We also have a return visit from my dog, who seems to think she's my new co-host.

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WVW Podcast Bonus Show 2

Friday, September 11, 2009

Episode 16: Shirley Young Campbell Tribute Special


This week we present a special double-sized podcast episode in tribute to WV Writers founder Shirley Young Campbell, who passed away August 17, 2009. For this special episode, we interview Kirk Judd, Barbara Smith and Dolly Withrow, each counted among the charter members of WV Writers and longtime friends of Mrs. Campbell.

We speak to them about Mrs. Campbell's many accomplishments in promoting the writing and writers of WV, her role as a catalyst in the creation of West Virginia Writers, Inc., her co-founding of Mountain State Press, her own writing and many publications, what she was like as a person, and her role as the "Literary Mother" of so many of the finest writers of our state and beyond.

Many thanks to Phyllis Wilson Moore for her tremendous help in the research for this podcast.

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West Virginia Writers Podcast Episode 16

Links mentioned in Podcast:

Shirley Young Campbell’s books in the World Catalog search
Literary Map of West Virginia
Dolly Withrow Columns at the Charleston Daily Mail
Allegheny Echoes
Barbara Smith
Phyllis Wilson Moore


Shirley Young Campbell ~ 8-19-09

i was a budding writer in her fold ~
when i got into day/nights
i would send her my papers ~

at the wvw ink i would sit with her
& go over them ~ she said two things ~
a thousand years is not a very long time &

do you think if i had gone to the
university of virginia i could understand
your ?

when i had my hernia Repaired she held
her second Hill & Valley party ~ i phoned
her & declined ~ she said that in her business

a hernia was not even considered a disability ~
i stayed home & sulked ~
she said she used to have a public speaking

voice but when i knew her it had cracked ~
Ed ~ her husband ~ gave me a walking stick
with a head carved on one end ~ i can see it

now in the cane &umbrella stand ~one day
i said to Shirley ~ i am being discovered ~
she Replied ~ you have already been discovered


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

THIS WEEK: A special podcast tribute to Shirley Young Campbell

This week's podcast will be a special episode celebrating the accomplishments of the Mother of WV Writers, Shirley Young Campbell. Mrs. Campbell was a tireless promoter of the writers of our state and Appalachia beyond. She was also responsible for the initial creation of our organization and served as a guide for it for most of its history.

We'll talk with a few of the people who knew her who can speak to her dedication.

This extra long episode will be posted here this Friday, or get it slightly earlier the night before through iTunes subscription.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bonus Show 1

Welcome to the first bonus show of the WVW Podcast. The bonus shows will serve as a no-frills, bi-weekly clearing house for quality interview trimmings we were unable to fit into previous episodes.

Up first is last week's interview subject, Granny Sue Holstein. I talk to her about her ongoing blog "Granny Sue's News & Reviews," about how people interested in storytelling can get their feet wet at it, and how her husband once nearly set my face on fire.

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WVW Podcast Bonus Episode 1