The ongoing podcast for West Virginia Writers, Inc., the Mountain State's largest organization dedicated to writers. Hosted by Eric Fritzius, from atop a hill in Greenbrier County, each podcast will feature information about WV Writers related events as well as readings and interviews with the writers of West Virginia and Appalachia.

This podcast features music by Pops Walker.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Blog Address

Since the beginning of this podcast, nigh on a year back, we’ve repeatedly given out our web address so that you can find us online. Thanks to some technobabble-worthy issues behind the scenes, though, our address has had to change.

While the old address will still get you here (at least after 30 seconds, when it forcibly bounces you), the new address for the show is now and will hopefully forever more be Similarly, address for the West Virginia Writers blog has also changed and is now

We're not complaining, as this is a simpler address to remember than our old one and the move has allowed us to do lots of modification on the site that would otherwise have been more difficult to do. Expect some visual changes and new features (not to mention a sidebar that gets updated more often) on both the podcast page and the blog.

All of the old posts of both the blog and the podcast are now in place at the new addresses and RSS feed service should be working fine. So if you have us bookmarked anywhere, please change us to the new addresses.

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