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This podcast features music by Pops Walker.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

WV Writers Podcast: Bonus 14 - A Consternation of Monsters episode

(The following podcast is presented as a bonus episode featuring a sample episode of host Eric Fritzius's other podcast The Consternation of Monsters Podcast, adapting stories from his new collection, A Consternation of Monsters.)

The Seward Whale Strike Tragedy, they called it. Twenty-five people dead. The worst accident in Alaska’s tourism history since Will Rogers’ plane went down in ‘35. Only one man left alive knows the truth of what really happened — the man everyone agrees caused the tragedy to start with.

And if there’s one thing he’s sure of, the thing they hit that day was no whale.

Presented here is his testimony, as transcribed for an interview with Paranorm Violations Magazine. This podcast adapts the short story “The Ones that Aren’t Crows” found in the collection A Consternation of Monsters.

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WVW Podcast Bonus show #14: The Consternation of Monsters podcast


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