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This podcast features music by Pops Walker.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bonus Show 7 featuring Sal Buttaci

Our 7th bonus show is an extry-long entry into our Recorded Live Reading series. (Q: "But if it's recorded, how can it be live?" A: "Ahhhh, mind your Ps and Qs, Mack.")

This live reading was recorded at a poetry reading given by Salvatore Buttaci at the Princeton Public Library on December 3, 2009. Sal is the author of A Dusting of Star Fall: Love Poems, Boy on a Swing and Other Poems, A Family of Sicilians: Stories and Poems, Sun Sparks The Day and Sal Buttaci's Greatest Hits 1970 - 2000 published in the Pudding House books Greatest Hits series. He is also the author of Painless Poetry, which is a workshop for educators teaching poetry appreciation and creative writing. His most recent book is called Flashing My Shorts a collection of flash fiction.

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West Virginia Writers Podcast Bonus Show 7


Salvatore Buttaci's website
A Family of Sicilians

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